Building products that intersect the art of possible, science of the feasible & the politics of viable.

Smile in trouble, gather strength from distress & grow brave by reflection.

Smile in trouble, gather strength from distress & grow brave by reflection.


Anik Devaughn

Iā€™m a born creative with an entrepreneurial spirit. With a curious mind, I always wanted to learn and do as many things as possible ever since I was a kid. Besides a successful career as a world-renowned dancer, I excelled in different areas of interest such as music production, school, programming, graphic designing and product development. Before reaching the age of 10, I started performing as an artist, dancer and entertainer. By 12, I did TV shows, performed in local clubs and events.

Parallel to all of this, I started to develop my love for tech as my older brother influenced me with his Coding for Dummies books from school. Being a Popping dancer (this is me dancing), which is a very robotic and illusional street dance style, I was very fascinated by technology and robots. Programming was therefore becoming second-nature for me. I started to sell websites by the age of 11 and at the age of 13, I started to work as a professional dancer specializing in Popping. The pressure of needing to pay for myself at an early age started to develop an entrepreneurial trait, that impacted me to become who I am today.

As I continued to pursue my dream as a dancer, I continued to develop new skills in illustration, design, technology and music production. By the time I graduated from high-school, I started winning national and international contests within my style of dance and performed everywhere from Globen in Stockholm to Bercy in Paris.

The following years followed studies at the Royal Institute of Technology, engineering in computer science. By random chance, I was asked to help out with fashion photography for selected bloggers during a period of time. That became a new passion that led to editorial work for a Scandinavian fashion magazine as well as work during Fashion Week in Stockholm, Paris & New York.

I dropped out of college in 2013 and got a role as a front-end developer at a CRM firm. With a foot in the industry I worked myself up and ended up as a freelancing IT-consultant within different fields such as UX, design, Scrum, project management and art/creative direction. My free time was spent turning ideas into start-ups. One of them being a social media app for creatives called Ozone.

Today, I am looking to help clients develop the products of tomorrow. With a strong sense for design as well as tech, I want to help bridge the gap between the two. Like a quote I once heard: Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without art is calculating.





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