Responsibilities: User Experience / UI Design / Prototyping / Qualitative Research / Product Design Lead

Keolis Sverige AB is one out of the three biggest bus companies in Sweden with more than 6,000 employees. They run the bus intercity in Stockholm, Södermanland, Västernorrland and Västra Götaland counties. 

With a steady decreasing percentage of sick leaves, they needed to find a solution. 

Below you’ll find how I took the project from an idea to a product.



The job of bus drivers can be very unergonomic. Sitting in front of a steering wheel for 7-8 hours a day can have a huge impact on your legs, posture and neck. Besides that, the working hours can be very late too which in turn can cause unhealthy habits such as late night snacking and irregular meals. My challenge was to figure out how I could design an app that would be appealing to a group of bus drivers; whom aren’t the most app/internet experienced target group.



I designed an app that served the purpose of triggering bus drivers to perform short, intensive exercises on the bus during their breaks. Generally, a bus driver has multiple short breaks each working day. Those breaks are usually spent the same way the work day is spent - just sitting. In collaboration with a fitness couple and a filmographer, we video recorded exercises that were tailored to be performed on the bus, making use of the environment.

In order to reach a high retention rate, we needed to create gamification. I designed a weekly scoreboard that would list the top performing users based on points they collect after each exercise. Top performers would ideally win prizes internally at the company.

Designed with the users in mind

Most importantly for this project, it was all about making sure that the design served the users. The majority of the target group ranged from 30 years to 60. During the second phase of the design, I focused on defining the personas. The main outtake was to design the app to be extremely easy to use. Some of the personas don’t know the Swedish language that well, most are not used to complex apps.




I intended the design to be very minimalistic, with large fonts, clear text and obvious symbolic icons. The onboarding was broken down in a few simple pages where one (max two) actions per page was needed. I used the same idea for the remaining views of the app.

Design Thinking

As the classical steps of design thinking implies, I went on with the prototyping phase. Started off by creating some simple clickable wireframes. I went through the flow a couple of times with the client before setting the foundational UX in stone.


Since me and the client came to an agreement to make the app very simplistic, I went for that approach when designing the prototype as well. The whole app design, including the prototype, was made in Sketch solely - since Sketch has made it so easy with their new prototyping feature.

  The Missing Piece   Client wanted to know how the media production would fit in the app. So in order to give them a clear, full, taste of the app we went on with recording the video lessons.

The Missing Piece

Client wanted to know how the media production would fit in the app. So in order to give them a clear, full, taste of the app we went on with recording the video lessons.



Balancing simple & interesting

It’s an art to make something both eye-catching and simple. I chose to work with classical fonts and a very minimalistic layout. The flavor was added to the design by combining the minimalism with a few bright colors.



We have a first official version ready to be launched during November 2018. The next step in the planning is to test the application against the core sprint questions we had setup initially during project phase. Based on the response, there will be new iterations with continuous improvements.


Thorough definition of the personas helped save a lot of time during the project.

If given the chance, what would I do differently?

I would like to innovate a bit more and come up with a design proposal that went out of the box. This was a very simple and clean approach for the project. An interesting take would be to make it more fun and interactive, like a game.